Paexo Soft Back

Support for the lower spine

The Paexo Soft Back supports the user’s lower spine when carrying out activities in the standing position and handling light loads.

Improves posture

Supports an upright posture while standing and promotes an ergonomic lifting posture.

Easy handling

The Paexo Soft Back can be put on and taken off in just a few seconds. Perfect adaptability is guaranteed thanks to five sizes.

Combinable with Paexo Shoulder

The Paexo Soft Back and Paexo Shoulder can be combined for effective lower back relief.

Exoskeleton for standing activities

The Paexo Soft Back provides a high level of support for the lower back region. It supports an ergonomic body posture when standing and lifting. Possible applications include picking, handling lighter loads and lifting packages in the logistics industry. It also supports the lower spine when standing during extended assembly tasks. It can be combined with the Paexo Shoulder

Use cases of Paexo Soft back

The Paexo Soft back works like a belt. The user can simply wear it in the abdomen so they have support on the lower spine. Making tasks such as moving creates or heavy bags much easier and comfortable.



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Most frequent questions and answers about the Paexo Soft back

The textiles in the Paexo Soft Back are washable.

The prices for the Paexo exoskeletons vary.
We would be happy to make you an offer. Please contact us via our contact form.

The period of use for the Paexo Soft back is not limited. Since the Paexo Soft back is easy to put on and take off, it can easily be removed when not in use, for example when rotating workstations or during breaks.

After a short familiarisation phase, it can be put on and taken off in just a few seconds.